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  • I agree to the rules and conditions offered under the payment options during registration unless otherwise waived by staff members. All masterclasses and workshops are paid in cash only unless otherwise stated. All open class cards and drop in fees are paid in cash or personal cheque or e-transfer as per agreement. Intensive Training Programs I understand that the program is a 9 or 10 month or per semester financial time commitment as per financial agreement by each Intensive Training Program agreement and any deposits or tuition forwarded will be non-refundable unless with a family doctor(s) official letter of medical reason for not participating in the programs. I understand there will not be any make up lessons for missed classes on our behalf and/or transfer of classes or tuition between dancers for this particular program. I (payee) assume all responsibility on behalf of the participant to ensure they attend all registered classes. Debbie Lee Dance Company and it’s directors and staff members reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes with posted notification or telephone call within 24 hours prior to respective class time. I understand that there is a minimum of six (6) participants in order for a class to be conducted and any class fewer than six (6) will be done so at the discretion of the director’s approval and subject to a possible tuition adjustment. I (payee) will assume all financial responsibility for enrolling the above participant. In the event that it becomes necessary to refer this account to collections, I understand I will be responsible for all collection fees, including legal fees and interests related. I hereby agree for the participant to engage in the dance, performance and exercises classes given by the faculty and staff of Debbie Lee Dance Company and that the participant is physically capable of participating in a vigorous cardiovascular exercise program and that, to the extent necessary in light of prior health history, weight, physical condition, I have consulted a personal physician or other health authority before making such a representation. I recognize the risk of illness and injury inherent in any dance or exercise program and I am allowing the participant to take part in the registered programs upon the express agreement and understanding that I am here by waiving and releasing Debbie Lee Dance Company and its staff members and directors from any and all claims, cost, liabilities, expenses or judgments including attorney’s fees and court indemnity and hold harmless Debbie Lee Dance Company or it’s directors and the faculty from and against any and all such claims except claims proximately caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Debbie Lee Dance Company and its faculty. I agree to inform Debbie Lee Dance Company before participating in any of its programs of any change in the participant’s physical condition in which might in any way adversely affect their ability to participate in the program safely. I hereby execute and deliver this waiver and release to induce Debbie Lee Dance Company to permit my participation in this program. Your signature below indicates that you have read, understand, and comply with all the policies in this agreement. Registrants also consent to the use of register student’s name, photograph(s) and/or video (that may include them) for occasional advertising and/or promotions of Fine and Performing Arts Dance under the discretion of the directors. Registrants also consent for signing a media release forms on their behalf for events in which the registrant is a participant.