Looking for a progressive adult class where you can actually see your own progress?

With a strong emphasis on technique, health and safety, we work closely with dancers so they can progress and advance safely to the next level.  Students are taught the fundamentals of dance while focussing on proper alignment.

The technique is progressive and gives students a strong technical base of dance vocabulary plus increases their overall range of motion, flexibility and coordination.

Our training studios is located in the state of the art facilities, Scotiabank Dance Centre in downtown Yaletown Vancouver allowing the students to train on fantastic quality sprung floors and creative facilities.

Please note: It is highly recommended for participants to contact us prior to their first dance class to find out what class and level they are suited for so we can direct you in the right programs.  INQUIRE NOW

Classical Ballet Technique

Our classical ballet classes focus on proper dance technique, safe body alignment and postures. The classes are progressive which will give the student a strong technical base of ballet vocabulary plus increase your range of motion, coordination and overall flexibility. Each class will unite the technical aspects of ballet technique with lyrical qualities and beauty of ballet movement.

Intro Beginner / Beginner / Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3

Ballet Pointe & Demi-Pointe

A class that solely is dedicated to demi-pointe and pointe work for students that are ready or for those who are working towards being ready for pointe.  Strengthening and breaking down alignment and movement to dance on pointe will be a strong focus in this program.

Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3

Contemporary Jazz

Get ready to move and explore the fusion of jazz and contemporary dance! Keeping the connection of the history of jazz dance, the students will have the opportunity to learn basic classical dance technique while they are able to safely execute contemporary movements of jazz techniques with ease.  It will allow the students to experience more upbeat tempo and groove to the different music qualities filled with energy, athleticism and fun.  The class will consist of strengthing exercises, stretching, developing co-ordination and vocabulary of jumps and leaps.  Movement can be at times based on commercial, lyrical and modern contemporary styles.  The students will have an opportunity to develop a progressive combination of steps and a dance routine by the end of the season.

Level 1 & 2 (open level)

Turns & Technique

A class that solely is dedicated to the techniques of turning.  Students will have the opportunity break down the techniques on how to execute stationary turns such as pirouettes plus travelling turns.  All levels of learning and ages can participate.

Open Level

Spanish Classico & Flamenco Dance

Learn the techniques of traditional classical Flamenco dance.  The students will learn a fun festive dance from Spain.  They will learn different Flamenco songs, learn to count time signatures, palmas (hand clapping) and flamenco dance techniques.  Basic techniques include braceo (arm movements), floreo (finger movements) and zapateado (footwork).  The students will have the opportunity to learn a choreographic dance to enhance their co-ordination and performance style.

Introduction / Women’s Stylizing