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Rates & Registration

All students participating in any of our instructional programs must fully complete, sign and agree with the terms of the schools registration forms prior to participation.  The forms may be completed on-line with the link below or a hard copy print in person.



For adult and open class programs, there are 3 options to pay for your programs:


Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer – Paid in full prior to class sessions and/or at the time of registration only.  This option is for students that are within a progressive intensive program. It is designed for students that intend to participate and be quite regular with their progressive program.  (Intro Beginner Ballet, Beginner Ballet & Intensive Training Program-ITP)


Flexible class cards are a convenient, ‘pay-as-you-go’ solution that is valid at the time of purchase for one year.

Available to Level 1 & 2 dance levels.

$200.00 – 12 hour flex card

$375.00 –  24 hour flex card (equivalent to one 90 minute class savings based on the 12hr card rate)

Please note the following:

There are no refunds on any unused portion of class cards.  No credit transfers from student to student are allowed.  Note:  Physical cards will be given to those that wish to hold an actual card.  Card holders will be responsible to present your card at the start of classes.  If you forget your card a cash drop in rate will required for your attendance.  All students must sign in with the sign in sheet presented at the beginning of each class.

For ALL programs and for your own safety our school and instructors have the right to refuse your registration and participation if we feel the class program is not suited to your current level of dance.  Please inquire which program and class level is suited for you prior to your arrival and payment for a program.


Paid in FULL prior to the beginning of each drop in class.*

$30.00 / 90 minute class

$20.00 / 60 minute class

$10.00 / 30 minute class

(Note:  We do not have 45 min drop in rates.  Participants must choose from the minutes of 30, 60, 90 minutes rates above. No exceptions will be made.)

*Please note there is no drop in’s allowed to the Intro & Beginner Ballet programs except the very first visit to the program.  If you wish to drop into the program you must be at higher level to participate in a drop in program.  Permission from the instructor and school will be necessary.  This is for the dancers safety and out of respect for those that are in a progressive training program.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Rates are specific to each individual masterclass offered please visit the news page for the upcoming masterclasses.


We recognize the following organizations to receive professional rates.

The Dance Centre (full professional members)

CADA – Canadian Alliance of Dance Arts (professional members)

ACTRA – Union Card

Please contact us for the professional rates.

Please note:  Only valid membership cards will be accepted.  MUST present membership card at the time of purchase or beginning of each class in order to be granted the professional rate.  No other exceptions are given.


All intensive training programs are under different conditions and payment options specified to each of the divisions.  Please contact us for more information.


We accept cash, personal cheques, money e-transfers by email.  All payments must be made PRIOR to participation of your first class.