Support Us


You can make a difference to our children, youth and to our artistic community every year.  It is our duty and commitment as artists and educators to keep our art form alive.  By you and with your help you can be a part of that too! Our feedback from our teachers, mentors, students, parents and our audiences they say we are doing this each and every single day.  We are so proud to make our world and our life that we live in a better more meaningful place that fills our passion and desires.  We want to foster artistic growth and creative thinking to be a well balanced human being.  Without art programs and opportunities our lives would not be the same with such passion and meaning.  You can help too!


The art of your services – The Volunteer Committee

As our school and community programs grow, we are developing a volunteer committee to help get you involved and contribute the best way that you can to our artistic programming and events.

Do you have administrative or great organization skills? Or are you a creative being and enjoy the artistic end of production?  Do you like fundraising and event planning?  Or perhaps you just simply can do everything!

We want to talk to you!  Get in touch with us and find out today how you can help be a part of a fun and dynamic motivated group of people that wants to keep our performing dance arts alive!



The art of giving financially – Donations

Contribute a little or contribute a lot more.

We always could use the extra help of others to keep our programs alive!

A $50 towards a portion of a students tutu program.

A $100 towards a portion of a students pointe shoe program.

$200.oo towards community outreach dance programming.

$500+ towards fundraising for scholarship programming initiatives.



Other ways of giving

In kind donations.  We are always open to listen what you would like to offer to our organization and it’s programs.  We are hear to listen!


By your presence and participation to attend our local events such as performances and fundraisers along with your energetic and cheerful smile and applause for our students, school and youth company YOU ALREADY MADE A DIFFERENCE!  For that we are extremely thankful for!