Beginner Classical Ballet

Intro & Beginner Ballet

For the absolute beginner student who never danced this discipline before or the continuing advance beginner. Students will be introduced to basic standing postures, body alignment, pre-liminary dance techniques, positions and dance movement vocabulary. The student will be able to develop strength and overall simple flexibility. Class is focused on proper and safe techniques to carry the individual to the next level of learning.

Students that have danced before recreationally as a young child and do not have memory of the use of classical muscle techniques or vocabulary, this is a great class for you to refresh. Students that wish to explore a new physical discipline or simply learn basic body posture to get fit, this is an excellent class to start with.  Mixed age groups all accepted from late teens to adults.

Note:  All terms are continuous and progressive starting from the month of September of each year.   Each term (A, B, C )will progresses to the next level of learning and training.  Intake for this program is best in the fall of each season. If you wish to start ballet and you have very little training and knowledge of basic postures, the Intro Ballet program is the best program to start with.  From this program students may be able to move forward to the Advance Beginner programs and Level 1 programs safely and more confidently.  Please contact us if you are unsure which program to start with or if you wish to start your first class mid term.


INTRO Ballet (Cancelled until further notice)

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Advance BEGINNER & Level 1 Ballet


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This Intro and Beginner Ballet program is best for the absolute beginner or for those that have very little training and knowledge of ballet postures. Please note this progressive Intro Beginner program always starts in September of each season.  While it is not impossible to start mid term but the best time to start is the Fall of each season to gain full knowledge and information.

To register please fill our online registration form.  Receiving your payment will be important to ensure your space in the class.  Money e-transfer to our general email address is the easiest way to get it to us. If you are interested please fill out an online pre-registration form from our website or contact us directly through telephone for more detailed information.

*Pre-registration and full program tuition commitment will be required for ALL of our programs.  To ensure quality training and to avoid injuries NO Drop-In’s will be allowed unless this is your very first class with us or you are currently working at a more advanced level than a beginner level and wish to take this class providing space is available in our programs.

Please review our “Rates & Tuition” page for our policies prior to your attendance and signing up for the program.  No make up lessons will be allowed in these programs unless discussed with the director of the school.  It is highly encouraged for students to attend as many classes as they can within each session and program in order to learn the progressive techniques and to received personal results.

If you wish to join mid term please contact us directly with a telephone call so we can help assist you directly.

Level 1&2

For those that have learned the basic standing posture alignment and have completed the advance beginner ballet program with great confidence. This class is great to continue your basic foundation of classical ballet and advance your skills. The class develops arm and leg co-ordination, body awareness of major muscle groups, it refines dance postures and placement plus develop strength and flexibility to execute classical movements. By the end of the first semester students will be able to feel more confident with the fluidity basic barre exercises, center practice, simple adage combination, and simple petite allegro and medium allegro (jumps) such as assemble, jete, pas de chat and tenleve. Progression and break down of all the dance movements taught at this level is the focus with drilling of each dance movement.

Proper placement and safe body dance alignment will be the focus. Note: Demi-pointe & pointe class follows this class right after the technique class for those who are physically and technically ready.

Students that have done extensive ballet in the past and may have been absent from classical ballet for some time but are very well aware of ballet vocabulary, this is a good class to get back into shape and work on the basics to feel your turn out and develop general strength again. It is always recommended to register for a program that is at a lower level to begin prior with us prior to attending more advanced levels.  Please contact us to clarify which level would be most suited to your current level of dance technique. 

Please view our “Rates & Tuition” page for details of our policies.