Intensive Training Programs

The Intensive Training Program (ITP) is to give the dedicated dancer an opportunity to develop independent thinking and artistic creative growth that is reinforced by a solid technical foundation.

The training program is designed for motivated individuals that wish to intensively explore opportunities in the performing creative arts disciplines.  Each training year consists of approximately 32 weeks of physical and vigorous training, mentorship and artistic guidance that is divided into three semesters, fall, winter and spring.  During this time students have the opportunity to train on a more focused level with experienced faculty and guest artists.  The students have the privilege of training at the state-of-the-art facilities, Scotiabank Dance Centre where the dancers have the opportunity to be actively a part of our growing artistic community to a diversity of artistic disciplines.

Small Class Sizes:

Because the training program have limited student enrolment to each division, there is a high faculty to student ratio, allowing the faculty to invest in each individual.  The personal attention enables the student to grow as a unique independent artist.  The students have the ability to develop their technical skills in a healthy atmosphere that will nurture their weaknesses while developing and boosting their strengths.

First and second half of the semester year is mainly focused on technical and artistic development and the last semester finally brings out all the “studio” works into life on stage and in front of an audience for local community events and festivals along with their final dance performance showcasing their achievements where they can all shine.

The ITP program promotes discipline, good working ethics and encourages personal growth and development to help form a well-rounded and balanced artist and individual.  Students will be able to celebrate their achievements and beyond their personal expectations.  They will embrace, appreciate, foster respect, develop creative thinking and inspire quality and excellence to the art form to keep it alive.

Please contact the school  if you would like to audition and be considered for the ITP program.

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Mentorship & Teacher assistant training

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